Custom email templates for use in the Yello Recuitment CMS for Protiviti. 
For the design, I aimed to build a fun and youthful experience for intern and employee prospects. I wanted to create templates that painted the picture of the Pro' lifestyle that could naturally house professional information to the target candidate. There was a huge challenge in that the client supplied imagery that was very mundane, boring and overly staged. I took the time to make comps and create visual comparisons so that the client could understand the story that we should be creating.
When I first built these, around January 2019, there was very little documentation on the "how-to's" for building emails in Yello. There was some trial and error because Yello doesn't have email testing and there's no Litmus-type of interface. When it came down to the coding and dev' I was mostly in troubleshoot-mode.
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