When I returned to RPM in September of 2017, I was tasked with building a new RPM site. At this time, there wasn't much of a digital department and RPM had just gone through a disastrous event in which they lost a lot of employees. I had to tackle this project on my way, so I went all-in.
Not wanting to loose any content and since their last site was running on WP, I built this as a WP Theme. At the time I was already using Bootstrap and elevated the project by creating a custom-WP-Bootstrap theme. 
Preferably, I would've built this with a small team to help with a lot of the coding/interactivity and with a lot of the architecture prior to the build. But this wan't an option and I went at it solo.
Please take some time to review the site and let me know what you think.

Thank you.
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