For Riondo's National Prosecco Day campaign I took the Art Director role. The overall look is based-off of the concept & illustration style that I've developed on this brand throughout the year. This campaign included: social media & video posts, display banners, social profile frames, AR mock-ups for Snap' & Insta, partnership with PopSugar and a landing page for their Drupal-Bootstrap site. The need for this campaign came from a need to position Riondo amongst the top Prosecco wines/brands. In the past, Riondo Prosecco did not aggressively promote or advertise themselves on National Prosecco Day as we have this year. Lots of credit goes out to Greg Baker, the account manager on this account and the copy team.
The landing page was designed to fit in a Drupal-Bootstrap environment, using the sites stylesheets. It is meant to fit within their sites Nav and Footer. 
The page can be viewed here.
*Any edits that reflect the page styling, that appear differently from the mock-up, were strictly from client-side.
To view all of the sizes in Html5 format, visit the following links:
300x250, 728x90, 160x600 & 300x600
Facebook frame mock-ups for FaceBook. The approved mock-up was used in a boosted FB post and a PNG file of the frame is what the user would use for their profile
Intagram & Snapchat AR filter concept (not used). Currently, I'm very interested in AR filters. The draw comes from the animation aspect and I'm inspired by my love for video games. I made a comp for a filter that would've been titled "Make Yourself More Bubbly" but we never got far enough to dress-it-up in the Prosecco Day brand. I used Lens Studio to create this mock-up.
Finally, I took the the 300x250 Html5 banner and I resized it to Facebook specs in order to create this video. In theory, this sounds really easy especially since I replaced all of the assets with SVG's. But it turned-out to be pretty tedious with quite a few bugs to troubleshoot. Nevertheless, I was able to accomplish what we needed and in the future I imagine being able to build these resizes a lot quicker. 
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