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A problem that I see with working with such large companies is how many resources and time are invested into online advertising. As someone that is passionate about digital design, I illustrated the problem and the solution by presenting the option of using dynamic creative. The feedback I always receive is that "the cost per click is too high" but I never get a value. If you're reading this and currently work at an agency: take a banner project, think of the designer and AD's assigned to the creative, the copy writers and maybe proofreaders, the account, media and adOps people involved in just getting those banners out the door. When added up, it becomes a value that can be assigned to your CPC instead of production. 

For this project, I created a template for Robert Half's Summer Hiring program, developed the animation and assigned the dynamic bindings to the elements in the banner. The look and feel is also 1 of the 3 concepts I submitted for the program.
The result is the video below where I show where i show an html5 template cycle through a few different messages. 

Enjoy (no sound):

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