For this project I was tasked to com up with a solution to how are client promotes their concert series on instagram. The client has had problems with the performance of their Insta' posts and was open to new direction. During a touch-base with the Account Coordinator I suggested that we shouldn't focus so much on a "promotional" look and instead these posts should feel more organic and curated to this social platform. Also, kudos to the Account Coordinator for recognizing that every social media platform has its own voice and for bringing this to my attention.
CONCEPTS & STORYBOARDS. I did a lot of research on the necessary dimensions, the messaging & story and I took consideration of the budget. I had to severely edit my original idea and turn it into something more "affordable" yet, flexible. Flexible in that the imagery will always be affordable interchanged based on the type of demography that would attend an event. Keeping my footage search limited to Videohive and Adobe Stock was really helpful in putting together a contact sheet for the client.
Above is the final Brand look.
The After Effects and Assets files are all templated. As a habit from my production days, I make the process easy and convenient. If I had to hand this project over to a PA, they would be able to get it out-the-door with minimal hiccups.
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