As a Digital Marketing Manager for Chicago Shakes' I managed website content and created/developed emails. To develop the web-pages and email I worked with several teams which created 5-tiers for approval. For every project I worked closely with the Senior Digital Marketing Manager, who managed data insights and did most of the copy writing.  For my own process, I resized the artwork myself and the day-to-day was a mixture of template emails and hand-coding emails. Webpages and emails are responsive and built with mobile in mind.
The Gala Event below is an example of a recent campaign where I created the web page and email.  I  customized the artwork myself and had it approved by the designer that created the original DM piece.

Below are email samples for the day-to-day (a 1:3, SCR and a newsletter.)
Madagascar 1:3 email format
Shakespeare In Love SCR format ( side column right)
Shakespeare In The Parks Newsletter.
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