Currently, I'm partnered with the Robert Half Social Media Team to concept and create original content. I haven't had the opportunity to work on custom illustrations since last years work with Riondo, so you can imagine that I had lots of fun with this these. The following set of animated gif's are to promote their blog posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. All are built at 1080x1080 (1:1) to fit all sm pages and for Instagram there's a static option because Insta' doesn't handle gifs very well. These should be rolling out soon so keep on eye on the Robert Half sm pages.
Blog topic: receiving a weird or unexpected answer to an interview question
Blog topic: Being Ghosted. The inner frustration that builds when someone doesn't answer your calls
Blog topic: The Future of Work and changing how we live and work.
Blog topic: Are you a good manager? The stress of not knowing if you're a good leader. 
Blog topic: The Sunday Blues and the stress that keeps us up before the Monday rush. 
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